Functional Floral Art: Turning Wedding Bouquets into Everyday Treasures

Hey, flower enthusiasts! Welcome back to the magical world of Lake Dessie Studio, where we transform your cherished blooms into functional works of art. Today, join me as we take a peek behind the curtain and explore the diverse array of functional pieces that bridge the gap between preserved beauty and everyday life.

Wood And Resin Serving Tray: Where Nature Meets Function

Picture this: a serving tray that’s as unique as your love story. Our Wood and Resin Serving Trays are one-of-a-kind, with designs inspired by your very own flowers. Each tray is a masterpiece in itself, and you even get to choose the handle color – adding a personal touch to your kitchen or home decor.

12″X16″ and 12″X12″ Serving Trays: Space for Grandeur

For those with grand bouquets or a variety of blooms, our serving trays offer ample space to showcase the beauty of your preserved flowers. The 12″X16″ Serving Tray is perfect for large flowers, while the 12″X12″ option is a great fit for medium to small bouquets.

Bookend Sets: A Floral Literary Addition

Bring a touch of romance to your bookshelf with our Bookend Sets. Whether it’s a large 9″ set or a smaller 5″ set, these bookends preserve the essence of your bouquet, adding a touch of nature to your reading nook or mantel.

Coaster Sets: Sip and Admire

Elevate your coffee table with our Coaster Sets, available in square or round shapes. These 4″ coasters not only protect your surfaces but also serve as mini canvases for displaying your preserved blooms.

Trinket Box: Where Memories Are Stored

Our Trinket Box is both functional and sentimental. It’s perfect for storing small keepsakes, and the lid can showcase a beautiful arrangement of your preserved flowers. And inside, there is a surprise flower at the bottom!

Vase: A Blooming Centerpiece

Revitalize your space with our Vase, complete with a propagation tube for fresh flowers. Imagine the harmonious blend of live and preserved blooms – a truly unique centerpiece.

Watch Stand and Ring Holders: Adornments of Love

For the groom or jewelry enthusiasts, our Watch Stand and Ring Holders are perfect additions. From large to small, these holders cradle your precious accessories with a touch of botanical elegance.

Ornaments, Wine Stoppers, Necklaces: Gifts of Everlasting Beauty

Expand your collection with our Ornament, Wine Stopper, and Necklace options. These make for thoughtful gifts or additions to your home décor, allowing you to carry the essence of special moments wherever you go.

Booking Your Preservation: Capturing Timeless Moments


As you embark on the journey to preserve your floral treasures, I encourage you to explore the possibilities. Book your preservation services with Lake Dessie Studio early to ensure we capture the essence of your special moments. Feel free to reach out via our website or email with any questions about the perfect pieces for your unique collection. Let’s turn your bouquet into a masterpiece that lasts a lifetime! 🌺💫

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