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Pricing and Products

Whether you are looking for wedding bouquet preservation, memorial collections or want to turn those old air dried flowers into functional or display art for your home, cost depends on the products you pick for your collection! See below for product descriptions, pricing and what kind of florals work best for these pieces.

Wood and Resin Serving Tray ($900)

This is the most unique piece we offer! No two of these kinds of trays look alike, as the wood and design are inspired by your flowers. This custom tray comes with handle color options.​

12"x16" Serving Tray ($800)

These serving trays give you the MOST space of any of our functional pieces. We suggest this for bouquets with large flowers. ​*Roses will be dried open for this piece*

12"x12" Serving Tray ($700)

This is a great choice for large flowers, and can usually fit the majority of a medium to small bouquet. ​

12"x9" Rectangle Block ($750)

This block is great for waterfall or large bouquets to hold the most blooms possible in a display block. 12”x9”x3”

11" Hexagon Block ($850)

Perfect to display on a mantle, and can fit a large variety of blooms you have in your bouquet. 11"x3"

9" Hexagon Block ($650)

Perfect to display on an entryway table, and can fit a variety of blooms you have in your bouquet. 9"x3"

10.5" Arch ($650)

This lovely arch shape is one the largest of our block options and offers a unique display for your blooms. This block can also fit florals that still have stems. 10.5"x6.5"

10"x10" Square Block ($650)

A great statement piece for a mantel, bookshelf, or countertop. This block can fit a medium to large variety of your bouquet. 10"x10"x3"

8" Square Block ($550)

The perfect smaller addition to a mantel, bookshelf, or countertop. This block can fit a small to medium variety of your bouquet. 8"x8"

9" Round Block ($600)

This block does come with a gold stand, so that you can keep your block on display on any surface. Fits a small to medium variety of flowers.

9" Bookends ($800)

This large bookend set is perfect for preserving most, if not all of your bouquet and are a wonderful addition to a mantel, or bookcase! 9"x6.5"

7" Bookends ($650)

This functional set is a great addition to your bookcase or mantle! (5/6 full blooms depending on size and variety).

5" Bookends ($400)

A great addition to your collection and a great functional way to put some of your flowers on display! These usually fit a handful of your blooms. (3/4 blooms depending on size and variety).

5" Sphere ($300)

5" Heart ($350)

6" Letter Block ($210)

These smaller statement pieces are PERFECT to showcase your new last name, a loved ones name, or, pair two with the ampersand and make a set! These fit small to medium sized blooms.

6" Ampersand ($210)

A great addition to a set of letter blocks, or just a decorative piece for a bookshelf! This piece fits small to medium sized blooms.

Coaster Set ($250)

This coaster set of 4 comes with your choice of square (4") or round (4.5"). Coasters are about an inch thick, so blooms will be dried flat or open to fit. These fit one medium bloom in each piece or several small blooms.

Trinket Box ($250)

This is a super functional piece, and one of our favorites! The bottom of the dish is about an 1.5" deep, so we can put flowers inside the bottom of the dish, as well as small/flat components into the lid to make a gorgeous Trinket Box

Vase ($210)

This piece comes with a propagation tube, so that you can put fresh flowers into this vase with preserved forever flowers inside it! We do have different shapes available. If you're interested in other shapes, please let us know on your form. The default shape is the arch seen here.

Watch Stand ($210)

This watch stand or bracelet stand is great to showcase small blooms and can be functional for anyone!

Cross ($175)

12"6"x1". Fits smaller blooms like spray roses, and extra flowers such as stock, babies breath, delphiniums, etc.

Gemstone ($175)

Perfect to preserve a boutonniere or just a few blooms.

Large Ring Holder ($85)

These can usually fit a medium size rose, as well as greenery, and small extra florals. 3"x5"

Medium Ring Holder ($80)

These can fit medium to small blooms with greenery and extra flowers like babies breath. 2.5"x4.1"

Small Ring Holder ($75)

These can only fit small flowers like spray roses, lisianthus, delphinium, babies breath, etc.

Ornament ($75)

The perfect gift for a loved one, or to add to your holiday collection! 4"

Wine Stopper ($65)

These are functional options that are great as gifts, or every day items for your home! You have a choice between round or faceted. 1.6"x1.75". These fit very small and accessory flowers. The default shape is faceted, so please let us know on your form if you'd like a round stopper.

Necklace ($50)

Your choice of pendant shape (we have several options), as well as chain and pendant hook color. These pendants only hold very small flowers like babies breathe, or crushed petals.

Dainty Necklace ($45)

These pendants come in various shapes, and you can choose between what we have available at the time. These pendants only hold crushed petals or very small pressed florals like babies breath.

Wedding Date Reservations have a $300 minimum to place an order.

If you book a wedding date and it does not meet our minimum, an extra $50 drying fee will be added to your total order.