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Want to know a couple tips and tricks when it comes to preserving your bouquet, and things to keep
in mind?!

When a fresh bouquet arrives, we immediately get to work on drying the flowers. Depending on what
items the client is looking to preserve their flowers in determines whether we dry flowers in silica,
press them, or both. When working with flowers and epoxy there are important things to note: 
1. Some flowers preserve better than others with different techniques, (ranunculus look amazing
after silica gel drying, but often look like a messy blob after pressing). 

2. Some flowers just discolor in the process (this is normal, and is the nature of working with living
plants. But, just because they change colors, doesn’t make their new state any less beautiful! 

3. While in the resin pouring process, some flowers may “bruise” or become transparent. This can
happen for a variety of reasons, from the way the florist prepped your bouquet, to the heat/cold
exposure (try to avoid putting your flowers in the freezer!) it has experienced before coming to me, or
a number of other factors. We pour our pieces in thin layers to try and avoid bruising from the resin,
but as is with life, we don’t have control over everything. 

4. Epoxy is a tricky (but lovable) beast most days. Although I’ve been working with resin for several
years, things still happen! I spend hours keeping watch, popping, heating, poking, and prodding out
oxygen bubbles over every piece, but sometimes you just can’t get to all of them. 

5. Be kind during the preservation process. Please know artists that do this work pour their heart and
soul into the hours of prep, drying, designing, pouring, sanding, finishing and packaging. We want
you to love the outcome just as much as we love the process, but be patient with us and understand
that some things just aren’t doable (I can’t make your years old air dried flowers look like they did on
the wedding day, or fit a full dried rose into a flat coaster without dismantling or crushing). When you
hire someone to preserve your bouquet, you’re not only paying for the pieces you get, you’re paying
for our expertise that develops over years. 

6. If know ahead of time what kind of flowers you will have in your bouquet, and would like advice or
help picking out pieces that we know work well, feel free to ask! We love to help our clients find the
right pieces for them!

7. Trust me when I say, no artist takes the responsibility of preserving your bouquet lightly, and
although the process can be stressful, we are so grateful to the amazing clients that trust us with all
your special flowers!

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