Preserving Love: A Guide to Wedding Bouquet Preservation with Epoxy Resin

Hey there, flower lovers! It’s Lake, the artist behind Lake Dessie Studio, and I’m thrilled to share the magic that goes into preserving your special blooms. If you’ve ever wondered how we turn your wedding bouquet into a timeless work of art, you’re in for a treat!

Drying Your Flowers: Blooms in the Spotlight

The journey begins as soon as your cherished flowers land in our studio. We carefully examine each piece, deciding on the best drying method tailored to your collection. Enter silica gel – the unsung hero that cradles your blooms for 4-6 weeks, preserving their beauty for eternity.

Making Your Designs: Crafting Moments in Resin

Once the petals are perfectly dried, it’s time to dive into the creative process. While not every piece gets a design preview (thanks to the whims of our molds), the main elements and some add-on choices receive personalized designs for your approval. Because, hey, it’s your story – and you’re the author!

Final Payment: The Prelude to Pouring

You’ve given the green light to your designs, and now it’s time to make it all real. But, a quick pit stop – your final balance is due before the resin starts to flow. Once that’s settled, we’re ready for the exciting part!

Pouring Your Collection: Layers of Love

Pouring resin is an art in itself. We take our time, layering it onto your carefully designed bouquet in multiple stages. The pouring process can be as quick as 3 days or extend to 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of your chosen piece and the molds at our disposal.

Finishing Touches: A Symphony of Shine

Once poured and fully cured, we fine-tune your masterpiece. Sanding down edges, fixing any imperfections under our control, and adding that extra gloss – it’s a labor of love that might take a few weeks. Quality over quantity, always!

Receiving Your Flowers: Unveiling the Masterpiece

Anticipation builds as your creation nears completion. We’ll reach out to schedule a pick-up if you’re local (Middle Tennessee, represent!), or discuss shipping options for those outside our area. Your masterpiece is carefully packaged, and ready to safely go home!

Pick Up or Ship: Bringing it Home

The moment has arrived! It’s not just a collection of flowers; it’s a story encapsulated in resin, waiting to grace your space with everlasting beauty or be given as gifts to your loved ones as a meaningful thank you for helping you get to your big day!

And there you have it – the artistic journey of floral preservation at Lake Dessie Studio. Stay tuned for more tips, tales, and floral inspirations! 🌸✨

P.S. A Tips for Brides: Blooms that Embrace Eternity

Choosing the right flowers is like picking the perfect chapter for your story. If you’re not sure what florals you will have in your bouquet, but want to choose some that will preserve beautifully, opt for hardier blooms and ones with lots of texture. Think ranunculus, roses, stock, ball dahlias, delphiniums, etc. – these stars can steal the show! When planning to preserve your bouquet and picking what looks best for preservation, we always encourage a variety of bright colored blooms with lots of texture. If you are dead set on a classic, all white wedding bouquet, texture is KEY and can really set your preservation for success and still get that all white look you loved for your wedding day!

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