Terms and Conditions

Minimum order of $300. Bookings are first come, first serve and require a $200 deposit to book your date.

Order wait times can be anywhere between 6-18 weeks after receiving flowers. This is due to the complexity of the process, varying drying times of each flower type, and the number of orders at the time.

Before booking your reservation please consider the following:

  • There is a chance of minor flaws and microbubbles when working with epoxy resin. Every piece is unique and inspired by your flowers. Flowers may fade, darken, change color slightly, or become translucent over time. All products should stay out of direct sunlight and away from hot surfaces, as it may discolor or soften the resin.
  • Due to the nature of flowers and the drying process, some specific requests may not be available depending upon the condition/size of each flower, but we will work with clients on a case-by-case basis to find something that works for them!
  • Depending on the type and condition of flowers when I receive them, flowers will change in color slightly due to the drying process, however, I use silica gel to dry fresh flowers to ensure the best results.
  • Some flowers may “bruise” in spots (turn transparent) during the curing process.
    This is normal and comes with the nature of curing flowers.
  • Design approval (2/3 designs) from clients is available upon request. Although uncommon, last-minute changes to the layout may be made at our discretion to ensure the quality of the piece, if necessary.
  • The booking fee is a nonrefundable deposit required to secure your reservation. The final balance will be due before the pouring process begins.
  • There are no refunds for finished pieces.

Please connect with us on Instagram and book as soon as you have a wedding date, as preservation spots are limited. We look forward to creating something truly special with you!