Customer Service

How Can We Help You?

For any problems regarding payment please email lakedessiestudio@gmail.com. 

We only ship currently within the US. All packages are sealed with a fragile sticker, if your product is damaged in transit please contact us at lakedessiestudio@gmail.com. 

Due to the nature of the work we are unable to accept returns but any customer who is less than satisfied then please contact us at lakedessiestudios@gmail.com

We use only the best quality materials in the production of all our pieces and make sure each is safe for it’s intended use. 

Flowers may fade, darken, change color slightly, or become translucent over time. Although we use high-quality, UV resistant epoxy, it is always best to keep pieces out of direct sunlight and away from hot surfaces, as it may discolor or soften the resin.